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After successful presentations at the Swiss National Museum Zurich and the Château de Prangins, the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz is showing from 27 April to 22 September 2013 the exhibition «C’est la Vie. Press Photography since 1940» in a version adapted to the situation in Central Switzerland. It offers a view of recent Swiss history seen through the lenses of press photographers and sheds light on the development of press photography to image journalism in the course of the second half of the twentieth century.

Visitors are offered a view into the extraordinary picture archives of the two press agencies «Presse Difussion Lausanne» (PDL, 1940–1972) and «Actualité Suisse Lausanne» (ASL, 1954–1999). The several million photographs are now kept at the Swiss National Museum (since 2006). The images are complemented by pictures taken by present-day press photo agencies.

The carefully assorted photo spreads allow the viewer to relive events that have shaped Switzerland over the last decades. Classic photo reports from the golden age of illustrated weeklies and snapshots taken for daily newspapers tell of significant occasions such as important sports events, natural disasters and special festivities, of stars and starlets, and of everyday life in Switzerland.

How technological development has changed the world of press photography is shown by a selection of cameras, from cameras of the 1940s to present-day equipment. They reveal what a tremendous impact automation and image digitalization have had on press photography.

(in German)

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